Tiny pottery studio in Plymouth, UK.


190kg Clay Processed
28 Glazes Tested
51 Kiln Fired

Hi everyone,

I am Sabrina, a potter making earthy functional items in Plymouth, UK.

I started to make pottery in April 2021, before that, my husband and I were running a handmade homeware brand. But during that time, we figured out that creating with our own hands is truly what we want.

Why this style?

I am deeply attracted by the original beauty of clay, and keen to keep the most of the rustic touch to the daily used ware.

What do we do?

We are focusing on hand-thrown and hand-built tableware, drinkware and home ornamental items.

How do we make pottery?

Everything is made from local black clay. We use a mix of our own handmade slips and glazes from local raw materials. All our pieces are fired at high temperatures to ensure they're safe to use and easy to clean!

The whole making process takes up to 4 weeks, depending on the humidity of the weather.

How to find us

We are located in the beautiful creative community Alma Yard, Plymouth. Our studio is open to the public during the weekdays, check out our map for more detail. We invite anyone to pop in and have a chat!

If you would like to see our products on social media or on Etsy, please search our handle @mugandsnugpottery.

You know you're hooked when you spend more time looking at the plate than the food on it!

-- Phillip Gourley